Fru Skagerrak’s latest album “Ankerdram” can now be purchased as a digital download by following this link, or as a physical copy by clicking here.



Scandinavian folk, raw and sublime.

“Courage, daring, and acres of unbridled Scandinavian musical fun. Really,
what’s not to enjoy?”
– fROOTS 2018


“Om du klarer å sitte stille og lytte til denne plata, så er eg imponert. Her synest eg du skal svinge ikkje berre din snasne bakdel, men òg alle menneske du treff på din veg medan du lyttar. Eg ser for meg at eg har Ankerdram på øyra medan eg dansar meg nedover Karl Johan, og når eg blir over meg av danselyst, grip eg fatt i eit vettug menneske og svingar meg rundt til tonane frå Fru Skagerrak”
-Vegar Vårdal for Folkemusikk.no


“To say that Fru Skagerrak is greater than the sum of it’s parts would diminish the cultivated talents of each of these individuals. And yet, what I love about listening to them is how their unique strengths are grafted together to create something that could not exist without the others.”
Laura Cortese, fiddler and singer


“Fru Skagerrak is the perfect combination of some of my favorite things: Scandinavian fiddle music and interesting, beautiful, talented women I can look up to, but who I am honored to call my friends as well! The joy is evident in the companionship and in the music of these 3 powerhouse women from 3 different Scandinavian countries and fiddle traditions. Their combined sound is one of effortless beauty, grooving dance energy, and elegant arrangements. Not to be missed!”
Natalie Haas, Cellist