“Courage, daring, and acres of unbridled Scandinavian musical fun. Really,
what’s not to enjoy?” – fROOTS 2018


Nominated for “Composer of the year” at Danish Music Awards Folk 2016

“Top 10 Albums of 2016” – Penguin Eggs (Canada)

“Blazin’ fiddle playing” – Flensborg Avis (Germany) ★★★★

“Music that reaches your heart” – Gaffa (Denmark) ★★★★
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“Invigorating beyond measure, this is the kind of record that immediately establishes itself in your mind. And when it ends, you are happy to play it once again. That – ladies and gentlemen – is a rare thing.” – Gaffa (Denmark) ★★★★

“Powerful, energetic, elegant and beautiful. – Folkworld (Germany)
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“Thrilling grooves, flowing combinations, and skillful multi-harmonies. Full power ahead.” – Folk Magazin (Germany)

“They effortlessly blend their traditions for our greatest pleasure, in sweet melodies and energetic tunes” – Le Canard (Belgium)

“Their name is like a bridge, and their music comes from the heart of their countries. They draw from the richness of their folk traditions, and build on it with their own pieces.” – Folk Magazin (Germany)

“A nice balance between group cohesion, individual expression, and spontaneous interplay. The consistently imaginative arrangements keep things interesting and exciting for both players and listeners alike” – Penguin Eggs 2017 (Canada)

“If the progression of this CD is a mirror of the development of the three on stage, then awaits us so much fun!” – New Folk Sounds (The Netherlands)
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“The repertoire is beautiful in its simplicity, at times rhythmical without being frenetic, or sad with a charming, more intimate sweetness. With its airy sound, the album immerses us in a Nordic atmosphere, both ancient and at the same time defined in the present. A very beautiful album.” – Le Devoir (Québec, Canada)
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